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In the name of "justice," some Americans have initiated some strange and controversial lawsuits. Consider the following:

At a boxing match a fan drank too much, got into a fight, and ultimately fell down a flight of stairs. His family wanted "justice," so they hired a lawyer and sued. Included in their lawsuit was "Ticketmaster," the company that sold the man the ticket to the boxing match.

Then there was the man who bought a four-seated plane. In order to rig the plane so he could fly it from the back seat, he removed the pilot's seat, along with all its safety equipment. The plane crashed and the man's family sued the company that designed and built it. The family won a million dollars, even though the man altered and deliberately misused the original equipment.

In another case a young woman was injured when her fiancÚ deliberately smashed into her go-cart as they were finishing up their ride around the track. The court ruled that the young man who actually ran into the woman was 85% responsible, the young woman herself was 14% negligent, and the go-cart business was 1% involved. However, in the interests of `justice," the go-cart track was required to pay the entire cash judgment.

Shifting responsibility, passing the buck, blaming others, and expecting someone else to pay for our stupidity is common in today's legal system, but someday we will all stand before a righteous judge who will accept no excuse and will tolerate no legal jargon. On judgment day you won't be able to sue anyone or blame anyone else for your own sins. You will be called on to account for every sin you have committed, and you can be certain that your sins will condemn you to death (Romans6:23).

But wait! There is hope! Although you won't be able to blame others for your sins, right now you still have time to accept God's free gift of salvation. Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the penalty for your sins. He did it, not because a clever lawyer was able to pin your sins on him, but because He willingly died because He loves you. Why not obey His command and be baptized?

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward