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Will You Take the Job

Thousands are out of work today. Economists wait with anticipation each quarter to check unemployment rates and try to predict how they will affect the economy. So, what's the deal? Why are there so many out of work? Some aren't working because they just don't want to work and are looking for a free ride. Others find themselves being part of the "trimming back" or "stream lining" of the corporate budget. Lay offs and early retirements are becoming the norm for the American work force. Then you have those young people who are trying to break into the very competitive work force out of high school and college and find it difficult to find employment.

Where is a person to go to find that particular job that will provide enough benefits to help him make a living? Where is a person to search to find that job that he or she can match their abilities and talents to that which will help them to be useful and productive in our society? One of those places is called "The Classifieds." which are found in newspapers everywhere! In larger cities, whole pages are dedicated to nothing more than job listings with their various requirements of experience, abilities, and educational backgrounds.

I wish you would check out the following ad. It will pay benefits that are "out of this world" and will bring purpose and meaning to your life. Not only this, but it will allow you to be of benefit to all of mankind! IT TRULY IS THE GREATEST JOB OPPORTUNITY AVAILABLE!

In His Service,
Tim Woodward