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A little girl once asked her mother, "Mommy, if Santa Claus brings our presents, and God gives us our daily bread, and Uncle Sam gives us Social Security, why do we keep Daddy around?" Tragically, million of families and homes have not kept dad around. Dad is "absent" from the homes and lives of millions of children, either physically or emotionally and sometimes both. Incredibly, some argue and act like we no longer need Dad around, and that home-life and child-rearing is just hunky-dory without him. According to an article in American Family Association, Carolyn Mayheim, star of the ABC drama The Practice, bore a child outside marriage in April, 2001. About her deliberate plans to have a husband-less home she stated, "It's the way of the future, so people better start opening up their minds and expanding their horizons. You're going to see it over and over again" (American Family Association, 3/01, "For Hollywood stars there's no need for daddy.") Mayheim and those who think like her show no concern their children will grow up without a dad around. But scriptural and scientific evidence strongly suggest they should. Kyle Pruett, MD, professor of child psychology at Yale and author of Fatherneed, asserts, "Children's social, physical, and intellectual development benefit greatly from the involvement of fathers." Judsen Culbreth observes, "Even when men don't live in the same home with them, their presence in their children's lives is still vital." Ross Parke, distinguished professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside, and author of the book Fatherhood "We have a saying. `There are ex-husbands but no ex-fathers.' The studies on divorce are quite clear. Children do well when they know their father cares for example, if he supplements visits with telephone calls, letters or e-mails. Moms and dads are different. But their distinctive styles of caretaking compliment each other perfectly to the advantage of children." (Pruett, Culbreth, and Parke quotes all from Reader 's Digest article, "What Dads Are Made Of," by Judsen Culbreth, June, 2005, pp 72A-72D).  Well, there you have it. Modern secular social science affirming we need to keep dad around. But we didn't need science to tell us that. Scripture has been telling the world for 2,000 years that fathers have an indispensable role to play in the home and a unique and divinely given job assignment that perfectly compliments mom's caretaking style to the advantage of children, "And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord." God has spoken and He is very clear He does not want us to do away with Dad. Society will suffer if we do.