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Why Don’t You Grow Up

One Saturday long ago, a minister went to a family gathering. He had been looking forward to being with his parents, brothers and sisters, and nephews and nieces. He did no want to think about some of the things that had happened the past week:

An elder in the church had announced that he was planning to resign because other church members had made his ministry difficult.

A lady had confided to him that she was no longer wanting to come to worship because church members did not seem friendly or sensitive to her problems.

After many years of unhappiness, a man was now planning to leave his wife.

A Bible class teacher had said that she would no longer teach because someone had offended her.

Sad to say, this was not a particularly unusual week for the minister. But as the family now sat and talked on the porch, he tried to forget his problems and ignore the shouts of all the children running and playing out in the yard. Suddenly, he noticed one of the children standing inside the doorway, sulking.
"Why are you not with the others?"

"I am not playing with them because they won't obey my rules!" came the mournful reply.

"You, too?" he thought. We adults are more like our children than we would like to think. But then he saw a difference between the child and the adults. The unhappy boy soon understood that his quitting the game did not stop it. Neither did it keep the others from having as much fun as they were having before. And the preacher saw that the saddest child was the one who had chosen not to play. He heard his friends entreating him to come back into the game. And he knew that he really did want to be with the others.

So he soon forgave his comrades and joined the game again. Within moments, he seemed as happy as before. His sulking had lasted but a few minutes. Do you see the difference between the little boy and us adults? Jesus said in Matthew 18:3 "... unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. "

Lord, today we will not ask for you to help the little children to grow up. Today, if it is not too late, we ask simply, could you help us adults grow up?

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward