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Who Would Jesus Vote For?

Now that I have your attention, let me first say, "I don't know!" However I do think He would vote and I believe he would expect every Christian to vote in the upcoming Presidential election, as well as every other election. I do think there are seven things that Jesus would have each of us to keep in mind as we prepare to vote on Nov. 6th.

1. BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES GO TO CHURCH. It's not reasonable to think that a congregation our size is not composed of both Democrats and Republicans. We should come together to fight immorality and agree to disagree on matters of economy, foreign affairs, etc.

2. POLITICAL TALK RADIO AND CABLE "NEWS" ONLY WANT RATINGS. When media personalities tell you they are on a moral crusade, they are lying to you. These personalities get rich by instilling fear, anger and paranoia in their listeners. If we give our favorite political reporter more time than we give Jesus, we are following the wrong master. All of them are biased!

3. THOSE WHO ARGUE POLITICS DON'T LOVE THEIR COUNTRY MORE THAN OTHERS. They just love to argue more than others. Strife and quarreling are symptoms of a weak faith (Pro. 10:12, II Tim. 2:23-25, James 4:1) and are among the things that the Lord hates. We need to rise above the immaturity and love our neighbors the way God commanded us.

4. THINKING YOUR PARTY'S PLATFORM IS UNFLAWED IS A MISTAKE. The social policies of your party were constructed by imperfect politicians fueled by ambition. In four years from now the parties will adopt a current, updated platform at the respective conventions. Does your party reflect the same views it did 20 years ago. I doubt it.

5. SCRIPTURE TELLS US TO PRAY FOR OUR LEADERS (II TIM. 2:1-4) AND TO RESPECT THOSE IN AUTHORITY (ROM. 13:1-7). Translation: if you're mocking your governing leaders on Facebook, the Holy Spirit is grieved! We need to spend more time honoring our leaders and less time attacking them. This doesn't mean praying that your candidate will win, but that the leaders will have their hearts turned to God.

6. DON'T BE PARANOID. The country is not going to be destroyed if your candidate loses. As II Tim. 1:7 says, "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." America has functioned — albeit, at varying levels of success — for years under the direction of alternating Democrat and Republican control, and at every flip, the other side thought it was the end of the world. It's not. It will only deteriorate if we, as Christians, don't stand up for those things which are right in God's sight. Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney are the ones in control — God is!

7. STOP SAYING, "THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN THE HISTORY OF OUR NATION." It's not! The most important election in our nation was when Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Before that, we thought it was okay to own people. Every generation thinks it's living in the most important moment in history. We're not, our parents were not and our children probably won't be. And that's OK.

For His Cause,

P.S. I know Jesus would vote "NO" on the liquor referendum!!!