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Who Was First?

The day that the world sets aside to remember Mother's Day ranks among one of the greatest things that has been done by man in the history of the world. The old adage is true, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." The influence of mothers on their children can be seen all over the world and for generations past. Mothers can be an influence for good, or they can be an influence for evil depending on the attitude of the mother. For mothers, like every other person upon this earth, are not immune to sin.

The word mother, however, generally conjures up within our minds thoughts of harmlessness, purity, love and devotion. Sad are the reports in which we hear of mothers doing unspeakable things to their children. Disturbing are the times in which we live when we hear of mothers not living up to the standard of motherhood. This emphasizes to us the importance of getting the gospel to all men/women to hold up the true standard of motherhood as displayed for us in the Bible. As we remember our mothers today, I would like to call to your mind some questions by which most of us would have to answer each one with the word MOTHER!

    1. Who sang the first song to you?
    2. Who heard your first word spoken?
    3. Who taught you how to walk?
    4. Who taught you how to talk?
    5. Who first corrected you when you made a mistake?
    6. Who first listened when you had a problem?
    7. Who put a band-aid on your first boo boo?
    8. Who first took you to worship?
    9. Who bought you your first clothes?
    10. Who gave von your first kiss?
    11. Who first listened when you had a problem?
    12. Who first read the Bible to you?
    13. Who cleaned up your first mess?
    14. Who gave you your first hug?
    15. Who first dressed you?
    16. Who first said, "I love you" before You knew what love was about?
    17. Who rocked you to sleep?
    18. Who bought you your first toys?
    19. Who would always read you a story?
    20. Who first gave you a cookie to make you feel better?

We owe a debt of gratitude to our mothers. Whether our mothers are living or whether they have passed on to their reward, on this day, let us honor them and remember the great things they do/did for us!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward