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Who Is the Greatest at the Smithville Church of Christ

There is a fable about a man by the name of Horville Sash. Horville had a very humble job in a certain company, a job in the lowest basement of the building. He was a mailroom clerk. As a mailroom clerk, there was no one who was lower than him. One day he came upon a bug scurrying across the floor. Horville may have the lowliest job in the whole company, but he was still bigger than the bug! So, he raised his foot to flatten the hapless bug. But this story is a fable, and so the bug speaks. "Spare me," said the bug, "and I will grant your fondest  wishes." Horville spared the bug. His reward: a wish. I wish to be promoted to the second floor." And his wish was granted. Zap! He found himself working on the second floor. But wait. Horville heard footsteps on the ceiling of floor number two. A higher level meant higher wages.  The next day, Horville rose to the third floor job of sales coordinator. But that didn't end his ambition. He wished for still more promotions. He went to the tenth floor, then to the twentieth - the  fiftieth - the seventieth. Still he was not satisfied. Horville was sitting by the indoor pool on floor ninety-six, when he discovered a stairway leading up ... to another floor? He scrambled up the stairs, and found himself on the roof. At last, he was the highest, the greatest. Finally content, he headed for down the stairway, when he came across a boy on the edge of the building with his eyes closed. "What are you doing?" "Praying." "To whom?" The boy pointed a finger skyward, and replied, "To God." Panic gripped Horville. Was there a floor above him? He couldn't see it, and he couldn't hear any footsteps shuffling around up there. Just clouds. "Do you mean that there's somebody above me? Someone greater than I!" "Yes." The bug was summoned. "Make me God. Make me the greatest. Put me in the type of position that only God would hold if he were here on earth." The very next day, Horville  began  work as a mailroom clerk! Go back and read John -13: 1- 17!

His Cause,
Tim Woodward