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Who Are the Kids

Adults have been quick to -pint out the last several years how that kids are going to the dogs and that they are all up to nothing good. If you read a newspaper on a regular basis you will notice that when a young person, or anyone for that matter, does something wrong it makes the front page. But if they accomplish a goal or receive a commendation it is stuck somewhere in the back if it makes the paper at all. Are the kids completely responsible for these incidents or are they a product of their environment?

Consider the following events in the past week. Larry Eustachy, the former basketball coach at Iowa State, was fired for drinking with students and kissing and cuddling college girls at a party following a game. Mike Price, the former Alabama football coach, was fired for allegedly spending hundreds of dollars at a Pensecola, Fla. topless bar, supposedly having sex with two women and having $ 1,000 charged to his university account by another woman. The Massapequa High School (Long Island, N.Y.) Baseball team took a trip to Florida to play some games during spring break. A parent took about 15 players to a strip club and bought drinks for them. At Sahuaro High School (Tucson, AZ) Coach Mark Tselentis was fired for failing to supervise players and staff on a trip to Las Vegas in April. Tselentis gambled while four players hired a stripper and two volunteer assistants drank alcohol in front of the players. In the recent hazing incident in Northbrook, Ill.., it is alleged that parents provided beer to female students who proceeded to get drunk before they pummeled and showered underclass girls with feces, paint, bottles and garbage.

Have we forgotten that Solomon wrote a timeless truth in Proverbs 22:6 that says "Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it "? Or how about Titus 2 where Paul give the qualities of a sound church and places the responsibility on the shoulders of the adults? Again, I ask, when young people mess up, is it completely their fault or are they a product of their environment?

For His  Cause,
Tim Woodward