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What Gets You Going In The Morning?

Are you the person whose mind and body can only function after a serious injection of coffee in the morning. Maybe you have the attitude that you will not/cannot deal with anything or any body until after you've had a long visit with a cup of joe. Is that what it takes to get your blood circulating in the mornings?

Ok. It might not be that bad. But most all of us have sort of a routine of getting up and about each morning. Something that we do to get us going. Maybe it's the coffee. Maybe it's a shower. Maybe it's watching the morning news. Maybe it's exercising. Or maybe it's that fried bologna and potato biscuit that gets us in gear!

But wait! Let's ask another question. What gets you going spiritually in the mornings? Is it prayer? How about Bible study? Maybe it's a devotional book? Could it be just some quiet time to reflect on God? As soon as we wake, we have all of the day's pressures and demands thrust upon us. If we don't consciously make an effort to get started spiritually then we will never be what God intended for us to be that day. What would it take? Getting up a few minutes earlier? Making better use of the time that you have? Perhaps cutting out something, say that fourth cup of coffee? Why not start this week by making sure something gets you going spiritually?

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward