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What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Dan Cooper relates the story of Doug, a fifteen-year-old boy in Missouri, who was told he had leukemia. Medical personnel tested him again and again...blood work...I.V.'s...vital statistics, and then more tests. Next the doctor told him all of the bad things that might happen to him as a result. He was in the depths of depression. One of his aunts ordered flowers from a St. Louis florist. To make absolutely certain that a good job was done, the aunt told the 22-year-old clerk that the flowers were for her teenage nephew who had leukemia.

When the flowers arrived at the hospital the next day, there were two notes attached instead of one. One was from the aunt; the other was from the clerk at the flower shop. Her note simply read: "Douglas, I took your order. I work at the florist's shop. I had leukemia when I was seven years old, and I am 22 now. Good luck, my heart goes out to you. Sincerely, Laura"

Though Doug was surrounded in the hospital with literally thousands of dollars worth of equipment, technology and expertly trained personnel, what meant most to him was a note from an unknown clerk at a flower shop!

Why? The reason is that she really understood his circumstances. She had been where he was, and as a result she could identify. She took the time to convey concern, sympathy and hope. She forgot herself and became Doug's friend, out of no motive but love.

That's just what led Jesus to earth and to the cross. He became what we are and entered into our lives, out of sheer compassion. He tasted death because He could not stand to see us die (Hebrews 2:9-18).

That is also what drives those who are like Jesus. As "saved sinners," who have tasted spiritual leukemia and its consequences, but who have recovered by grace, they cannot bear the idea of people perishing. Setting aside their own egos, they reach beyond themselves to save others. It often starts with a note, a call or a visit, but IT ALWAYS STARTS WITH YOU AND ME!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward