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Welcome Home

The hustle and bustle of the world has a way of getting us distracted from the origins and memories of our lives. As we hurry from one thing to the next, we sometimes lose track of the important things in life and the need to pass them on to other generations. It doesn't take long for us to realize that there's no place like home.

The line made famous in the Wizard of Oz is simple, but true. There is NO place like home. In word association, the- word "home" tends to conjure up the image of comfortable surroundings, one that is occupied by those you love. It is your comfort zone, a place where you belong.

Of course, home doesn't have to be a dwelling. You can belong anywhere, but the familiarity that goes with it is the selling point that takes it into a special place. That's why a town, a school or a church can be "home."

The general idea of homecoming these days often involves a football team or basketball game. While it may be one way to celebrate, it's not how organized homecomings began. In the 19th century, communities celebrated special days to welcome back former residents. An integral part of the celebration centered around church services as God was praised for allowing these friends to reunite and to allow new friendships to develop. It was indeed a joyous celebration of community. For the record, it was the University of Illinois that applied the concept of homecoming to collegiate football in October, 1910. Now, nearly every school has some sort of celebration, generally in the fall.

The act of homecoming didn't have to involve the whole community. You'll find the homecoming of the prodigal son as a great Biblical example. For those who have loved ones far away, family homecomings, sometimes marked by the removal of yellow ribbons tied around trees or poles, bring joy. Any time someone comes home, it's a reason to rejoice!

This day is a joyful day as we celebrate the homecoming in this church's 143rd illustrious year of existence. We welcome our members home to worship, but it's more than that. There will be former members in our number today and it will bring joy to once again worship together. We're home and there's no place like home! WELCOME HOME!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward