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There's these three really nice guys, see. They're pleasant enough to meet, easy to talk to, and seem as good as gold. They almost always smile. They're friendly enough. But they're deadly!

They'll kill a church or any other group. Even a family. Or a marriage. But their specialty is destroying churches.

The first one's name is USTA. You hear his name pop up all the time. USTA is the guy who only a few years ago was in there working, being involved, supporting the cause. I meet him everywhere and he is always telling me how much he "usta" go to church, "usta" be in Bible School. He also "usta" pray and "usta" take his family to worship and Bible study.

USTA is deader than a door nail. The church can accomplish nothing on what USTA has to offer.

Then there's GONNA. He's loaded with good intentions. He's "gonna" get started back to worship. Just as soon as things slack up a little bit he's "gonna" bring his wife and children and come to church. But last Sunday was too cold and next Sunday he is "gonna" be out of town. Any day now he's "gonna" get things right. GONNA is a killer. He's the one who is responsible for keeping the kids home from worship. He doesn't do anything...but he's "gonna."

The third member is OUGHTA. OUGHTA is always one step from getting the job done. He knows what should be done and what he "oughta" be doing but he doesn't do it. He starts things and then fades out. A lifetime passes and he manages to convince himself that "oughta" is as good as doing.

Be on the lookout for these three killers. They have been found guilty of the eternal destruction of millions and are known to be at large at the present time. If you see one of them...like in your mirror...turn him in to the Father at once!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward