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Spotting the befuddled CEO holding a piece of paper and standing by the office shredder, an assistant decided to help. "This document is extremely important," said the CEO. Pointing to the shredder he said, "Can you make this thing work?" The assistant turned the machine on, pressed the button that said "Start" and inserted the paper. "Great," said the CEO as the paper disappeared into the machine. "I just need one copy." Oops! That story reminds us there are times when we desperately want to undo something we've done. If only life was like a computer with "UNDO". The "UNDO" feature allows you to reverse changes made to a document at the click of a mouse. If you make a mistake and delete a word, paragraph, page, or even an entire document, or if by choice you do something to the document you later decide you don't like, you can "undo" the mistake or choice by clicking on the "UNDO" icon. Just point and click and presto, change-o, the mistake or change is "undone" and everything is the exactly the way it was.

If only life had an "UNDO" button. But, unfortunately, life is often more like a shredder than a computer. Shredders don't have "UNDO" buttons. Once something is shredded, it very often can't be "shredded."  Sin often acts as a shredder in our lives, bringing about changes and consequences that can't be undone. There are husbands and wives who wish they could undo the damage they've done to their marriages. There are drug-users and drinkers and compulsive gamblers who wish they could undo the damage they've done to their minds, bodies, families and finances. There are teenagers who long to undo the choices they made that cost them their purity and innocence. There are parents who wish they could undo the missed opportunities and perverted priorities of days now long gone.

Enough of what can't be undone. There is gloriously good news. While the physical consequences of sin often cannot be undone, the spiritual ones always can. First John 2:2 asserts that Jesus Christ Himself "is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world." A simple definition of "propitiation" is found in the Today's English Version of 1 John 2:2 which says that Jesus Christ is "the means by which our sins are forgiven." Sin may shred our lives, marriages, families, finances, friendships, homes and even health in ways that cannot ever be completely undone. But because of the cross where Christ died God is able to undo the spiritual effects of sin in our lives. When we trust Jesus and obey His gospel, God undoes the sin that seeks to undo our souls. Let God undo your sins before they undo you.