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These Things Ought Not To Be So

I was reading James 3 the other day and in particular verse 10 which says, "Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be so. " He was speaking of course about the tongue, but I got to thinking about some other things that ought not to be so.

A boy and girl were high school sweethearts and married just after graduation. The girl got a job, went to work, and put her husband through six years of college. Then after college he opened up a business and did quite well. In the meantime they had brought four children into the world. She was now raising a family and keeping the books for her husband's new enterprise.
Her husband had two major problems. One problem was that he wanted a divorce from his wife. He had found someone else and no longer wanted her or the children. The other problem was that he had an employee that he wanted to fire. The first problem was quickly resolved with a no-fault divorce. He did not need to explain the reasons. The wife who worked to put him through school refused to give her consent, but it made absolutely no difference. The husband, however, had to provide a huge stack of paper_ work for firing his employee. He had to show just cause, list the reasons, and may still yet face a lawsuit. It is quite ironic that this man could get rid of his family of twenty years with just one piece of paper and it took months and stacks of paper to get rid of his employee. These things ought not so to be!

A hardened murderer who is sentenced to die can slay on death row for years and years, making appeal after appeal and costing taxpayers thousands, even millions, of dollars only to receive a stay of execution and have the sentence change to life in prison. They say it's just too cruel, too barbaric, and too inhumane. Yet, a precious innocent baby can be brought through the birth canal only to be stabbed with scissors and its brain sucked out to salvage the tissue with the consent of just one person, and many think this is perfectly all right. These things ought not so to be!

In many of our state school systems there is smut and profanity in many of the literature books. They endorse fornication by handing out condoms, but a teacher reading the Bible or praying where they can be seen and heard by students could be prosecuted and fired. These things ought not to be so!

Some twenty years after the Supreme Court removed public prayer from school, teen pregnancies for girls fourteen and under increased 533%. SAT scores declined for twenty, straight years. Sexually transmitted diseases increased more than 300% and violent crime^ increased more than 550%. These things ought not so to be!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward