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We often talk about the world as a community and one that is shrinking because of communication and technology. If we were to reduce our world to just one community, what would lit look like? Some recent research at Abilene Christian University led to the development of this particular profile.

 Let's visualize the world as a hypothetical town of 1,000 people of all races, nationalities and cultures with each represented in the same proportion that they are in the world today.

Of the 1,000 people there would only be 60 Americans in our town. There would be 207 Chinese, 151 Indians and 98 Africans. The rest would be made up of various other groups. The 60 Americans, however, would have a total income nearly as great as the other 940 people. The average per-capita income in America is $23,120 per year. It is $310 in India, $380 in Nigeria and $330 in Kenya.

There are 259 so-called "Christians" in our town and these include 160 Catholics and 60 Protestants. But there are 136 Muslims and 120 Hindus in our town. English is the native language of 90 people. The only language spoken by more people is Chinese with 167 who speak this language. There are 303 whites in our town, 697 non-whites.

The average American family owns 15 times as many material possessions as the other families in our town. The American consumes eight times as much oil and gas as the other 940 people. The average American has a life expectancy of more than 70 years, but many people in our town have a life expectancy of less than 40 years. A third of the people in our town will go from the cradle to the grave without ever seeing a doctor or dentist or nurse; and about one-third will go to bed hungry tonight.

The average American family is spending well over $2,000 per year to defend itself against its neighbors and less than $10 per year to share its Christian faith with its neighbors.  There are two challenges for us here: 1) We are to reach this community for Christ. 2) We have been so blessed that many times we fail to acknowledge the source of these blessings. Let us be  grateful for what God has done for each of us and make a promise to share what we have with others; especially our faith!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward