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The Wednesday Night Crowd

As a gospel preacher I have noticed the various names that we give to our Wednesday night service. We have called it "Prayer Meeting Night", "Midweek Bible Study", Wednesday Night Classes", etc. By whatever name we choose, it is a very important time for spiritual development. It is a spiritual shot in the arm in the time of the week that is most needed! The core of the Lord's church meets on Wednesday night.

The Wednesday Night Crowd doesn't have any more time for church attendance than anyone else. In fact, some of this number are among the busiest folks we have. They even skip or postpone dinner to gather with the saints. They are people who make time for the Lord and His people.

The Wednesday Night Crowd doesn't live closer to the church building. In fact, those who come on Wednesday night are the majority of those who live the farthest from our building.

The Wednesday Night Crowd doesn't have fewer children to get ready. In fact, several couples have two or more children to feed and get ready. They never miss because they look at their families as blessings from God and not hindrances for service to God.

The Wednesday Night Crowd has the same work responsibilities, the same number of out of town visitors dropping in unexpectedly, the same number of headaches, and the same amount of children's homework as other folks. The difference, though, is that the Wednesday Night Crowd feels the need and has made the commitment to be a part of the midweek assembly every week. They feel blessed for having done so. If we make our children believe that Wednesday night assembly is not important, I wonder what they will teach their children concerning the importance of assembling on Wednesday night or Sunday night or Sunday morning. Let's encourage the spiritual development of our families and not discourage it in any way, See you Wednesday night!

For His Cause,
 Tim Woodward