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A scientific researcher gathered 10 volunteers for a special psychological study called Scar Experiment". Separating the volunteers into 10 different cubicles without mirrors, she explained that the purpose of the study was to examine how other people would respond to a stranger with a physical deformity, such as a facial scar.

Using makeup tricks straight out of Hollywood, the scientist put bloody and gruesome scars on each volunteer's left cheek. She showed each volunteer the new "scar" with a small hand-held mirror and then put the mirror away.

The researcher's final step in each cubicle was to tell each volunteer that she needed to put some finishing powder on his or her scar to prevent it from smearing. In reality, she used a wet cloth to wipe off each scar. The volunteers, however, believed they still had scars on their faces. Each volunteer was then sent out into the waiting rooms of different medical offices with instructions to notice how strangers in the office responded to the scar.

After the appointed time, all 10 volunteers returned with the same report. They noticed that strangers were more rude to them, less kind to them, and stared at their "scar".

Sometimes we become so occupied with our own personal flaws (physical or otherwise) that we often assume that other people consider our flaws as repulsive as we do. Or that everyone is focusing on our flaw. For instance, if a person becomes involved in adultery he or she thinks every time the subject comes up that people are talking or thinking about them. So what happens is that we start feeling sorry for ourselves or we start feeling bitterness and hatred for others.

We should stop and think of how highly God thinks of us, no matter what we've done, as we strive to do what he wants. When we have a flaw perhaps God has a lesson for us to learn from it. When we take time to listen to God and do what He wants we won't have much time to worry about what others think!

For His Cause.
Tim Woodward