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The following is part 2 of an excellent article by Kevin White, minister for the Sycamore Church of Christ in Cookeville, TN. (See last week's bulletin [3/6/05] for Part 1) The article appeared in the Sycamore congregation's bulletin, the "Sycamore Servant, " January 20, 2005. —DG

Let me reiterate some areas discussed Sunday that will enhance our worship.
Limit traffic in and out of the auditorium. Let's make a concentrated effort to arrive on time and give the Lord the same courtesygive we our bosses. Secondly, let's limit departures from the auditorium to emergencies or sickness. Let's get the kids a drink and go to the bathroom before the service. It is a wonderful opportunity to teach them reverence for God. If your child is "acting up," by all means take them out and "train" them. We do not want our children to become a distraction for several minutes. But, bring them back in and get them acclimated again to the service. Some kids will act up just so they can leave and go to another room or run around in the hallway. Let him pay a price for disrupting worship and then bring them back with the opportunity to "get it right." All of us with children have been there, done that. You may need to sit a little closer to an exit for awhile, but every effort to train your children in how to reverently worship God will pay BIG dividends that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Thirdly, NEVER leave the auditorium right in the middle of the Invitation Song. Our intent is to encourage people to respond. During the invitation song, we should be singing with great fervor and feeling, the destiny of men's souls hangs in the balance. To leave during the invitation song is a discouragement for someone to respond. We may, without realizing it, be saying to others we really don't care if you come forward of not.

As adults, be an example to the young ones. Never sit around and visit with a neighbor during the service. NEVER talk to someone during a song or prayer. Nothing could be any more irreverent! Worship is not a time to play with children or get involved in reading something else that has nothing to do with worship. Demonstrate a great posture, sitting up in your seat with your body turned toward the front and totally focused on what is going on. Sing! One of the most discouraging things you could ever do in worship is to become a spectator. Worship is not something we must observe, it is a giving of ourselves to Him. Failure to be actively involved in singing or any other dimension of worship is a transgression of simple biblical commands and a bad example may cause someone else to sin as well. God is so good to us and worthy to be praised. Give a legacy of reverence that will live on for future generations !