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The Most Powerful Things You Have

Brother Cline Paden, who served as a missionary for many years, once told the story of going to a lagoon in Nigeria in order to baptize one who had been taught the gospel. On many previous occasions, the entire congregation had been present for the baptismal service, and on the bank they had sung songs and offered prayers. However, the congregation was not present this time. The individual had been taught privately, and the only ones present were the four who were involved.

As they approached the general area where the baptism would occur, they heard the noisy laughter of children at play. These were not children of church members, but neighborhood children.

When the group arrived at the place of the baptism, the children stopped their chatter. They had seen many others come to this place carrying their clothing in their hands, and that meant only one thing.

No one noticed that the children fell in line behind brother Paden to walk to the water's edge. They huddled together some distance from the four who were making the necessary preparations, and they listened quietly to the confession of faith in Christ. Then, as the baptism was completed, there came forth some of the sweetest music ever heard. The children, who may have belonged to pagan parents, broke into the song they had heard others sing so many times before.— "0 happy day that fixed my choice on thee, my Savior and my God "

Remember that you are wielding an influence every day that you live. Your influence may be good or bad. A good influence may become bad if you live carelessly, but a good influence will bring others to Christ!

Take care to guard your influence — it's the most powerful thing you have!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward