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The Minority Won

The headlines in the paper on 6/4/08 read "OBAMA'S IN!" It then went on to proclaim how Barack Obama was the first black to be nominated as a presidential candidate of major political party in U.S. history (Wouldn't the headline have basically read the same if Hillary had won?) The article then went on to proclaim a victory for minorities. But, as the article recapped some famous minority wins in other areas in the past, I noticed that several were left out. So here they are:

1. During the years of building the ark, Noah was very much in the minority. But he won!

2. When Joseph was sold by his brothers into Egyptian slavery, he was a decided minority. But he won!

3. When Moses appeared before Pharoah and demanded the freedom of the Israelites, he too, was very much in the minority. But he won!

4. When Joshua crumbled the walls of Jericho with the blasts from a handful of ram's horns, he was in the minority. But he won!

5. When Gideon and his three hundred followers with their broken pitchers and smoky lamps put the Midianites on the run, they were in the significant minority. But he won!

6. When Elijah brought down fire from heaven and put the prophets of Baal to shame, he was a notable minority. But he won!

7. When Samson crushed the temple and destroyed his enemies, he was in the minority. But he won!

8. When David, ridiculed and laughed at by his brothers, went out to meet Goliath, in size he was in a decided minority. But he won!

9. When Jesus was crucified between two thieves, he was a conspicuous minority. But He won!
Many times we find ourselves in the minority. It may be at the office, in the shop, at school, at play or even in the home. May we take strength and courage from those who found themselves in the minority and won!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward