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The Hope of Heaven

Is it worthwile to be a Christian? Does it really pay to be faithful to God? The Devil suggests that there are too many things to give up and whispers that living the Christian life is too difficult. However, God holds out the hope of Heaven as a reward for faithful service. The following letter was received by a minister after he announced that his sermon would be on Heaven the next week. It is truly encouraging. Clip it and read it often.  "Next Sunday you are to talk about Heaven. I am interested in that land because I have clear title to a bit of property there, and have for over fifty-five years. I didn't buy it. It was given to me, by the Landlord, and I've been working for Him ever since. The Landlord bought it for me at a tremendous price, and I don't care to sell it. As a matter of fact, the title is nontransferable. It's not just a vacant lot. For more than a half century I have been sending materials out of which the greatest Architect and Builder of the universe has been a building a home for me. It will never need remodeling or repairing for He has assured me that it will never grow old. Termites can never undermine its foundation for it rests upon the Rock of Ages. Fire cannot destroy it. Floods cannot wash it away. I'll need no locks or bolts, for no vicious person can enter the land where my home stands. My home is almost complete now, almost ready for me to move in. There I can live in peace eternally. I have no fear of being rejected.

"There is a deep valley of shadows between the place where I now live and the place to which I am going. I cannot reach my home in that city without passing through the deep valley. But I am not afraid, because my best Friend, my new Landlord, went through this same valley long, long ago. I have His promise in printed form that He will never leave me alone. He has stuck by me through thick-and- thin since we became acquainted some fifty-five years ago. He will be with me as I walk through this dark valley, so I shall not lose my way.

"I hope to hear your sermon on HEAVEN next Sunday, but you see, I'm not sure I will. My ticket to that home in Heaven has no date marked for the journey. I'm not worried, though, for I've been ready to go there for some time. I don't even have to pack a bag. I'd like to hear your talk on Heaven next Sunday. But if I'm not there, you'll know I've been called home."

— Author Unknown"

Submitted by
Dan Gulley
Smithville church of Christ