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The Fairly Intelligent Fly

Once a spider built a beautiful web in an old house. He kept it nice and clean and shiny so that flies would patronize it. The minute he got a "customer" he would clean up on him so that the other flies would not get suspicious.

Then one day this fairly intelligent fly came buzzing by the clean spider web. Old man spider called out, "Come on in and visit awhile." But the fairly intelligent fly said, "No sir. I don't see other flies in your house and I am not going in alone."

Soon after he saw on the floor below a bunch of flies dancing around on a piece of brown paper. He was delighted! He was not afraid if lots of flies were doing it, so he came in for a landing.

But just before he landed, a bee zoomed by saying, "Don't land there! It's a trap! That is flypaper!" But the fairly intelligent fly shouted back, "Don't be silly. Those flies are dancing and having a good time. There's a big crowd. Everybody's doing it. That many flies can't be wrong!"

So he came in for a landing, flapped down and his feet set. He was sure he was safe doing what so many other flies were doing. So he had landed — and he got stuck! He wanted to be with the crowd more than anything else. And he was willing to disregard the advice of others to do it. After all he was a fairly intelligent fly... or so he thought.

That little story describes people too, doesn't it? Some of us want to be with the crowd so desperately that we are willing to disregard good advice and throw away common sense to do it. Then when we realize that we are in a mess, we want to blame the flypaper for our choice. What does it profit a fly (person) if he escapes the spider web only to end up on the flypaper?

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward