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The Earth is the Lord’s

"The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof, the world, and they that dwell therein" -Psalm 24:1

Providence and Creation are the two legal seals upon the title-deeds of the great Owner of all things. He who built the house and bears up its foundation has surely a first claim upon it. Other claimants-idols, pope, man, devil-are without title to it. The earth is the Lord Jesus Christ's for two reasons. First, by donation or reward of God His Father at the resurrection, having "all power given unto him in heaven and in earth" (Mt. 28:18), even whatsoever things the Father hath are His (John 16:15); and so consequently "made heir of all things" (Heb. 1:2).

Second, the earth is Christ's and all that therein is, by right of creation, for "he founded it ... .. upon the seas and floods." All things then are Christ's, in respect of creation, "by whom all things were made" (John 1: 1-3); in respect of sustentation, as upholding all things by His mighty word (Heb. 1:3); in respect of administration, as reaching from one end to another, and ordering all things sweetly (Rm. 11:36). Why do the particles of an atom revolve around the nucleus at the speed of light for countless thousands of years without ever slowing down? How do the stars and satellites of all the galaxies move at speeds almost incomprehensible. Who supplies the power for all this? The answer is, Almighty God, of course.

What difference will understanding that the earth is the Lord's make? First, it will remind us that we are stewards and not owners. No man possesses the earth, or any portion of it, except in a very limited and accommodative sense. The title deeds which men treasure are merely the written permission of the societies in which they live, conveying the right of use for the brief period of their earthly lives. No matter what we have, we are only stewards of it (I Cor. 4:2). God owns everything. He doesn't own just the cattle on a thousand hills (Psa. 50:10-12); He owns the Cadillacs in a thousand garages! God owns what we possess, and if He doesn't want us to have it, we'd better get rid of it. This brings humility, not pride. We can't brag about what we have if God gave it to us (John 3:27). Second, it makes us victors and not victims. The world doesn't belong to the Devil. God has given him a certain amount of authority and freedom, but the earth is the Lord's. Jesus, not Satan, is on the throne of heaven. Third, it causes us to praise and not to complain (24:7, 9). Nothing will lift up one's head like realizing that God is in control.

Glad Tidings of Good Things
Volume 8, February 13
Page 3