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The Church Bulletin

I do not know who wrote the following article, but it sure sounds like he's got a pretty good grasp on the make-up of the ordinary congregation of God's people. While it has a touch of humor and sarcasm to it, let's not miss the important lesson it contains.

"One function of the church bulletin is to keep us informed on the activities of its members. However, there are some lamentable incidents involving members of the church which are not usually reported in the bulletin. If they were, it might read as follows: The John Grumpy's hurriedly left right after the last amen Sunday without speaking to anyone, later complaining about how unfriendly everyone was. The I.M. Slippng family was present Sunday for the first time in four months.

Did you notice Brother Jack Skimpy slip that quarter into the collection plate Sunday? You might have been distracted by the sparkle of his new diamond-studded watch. Sister N.D. Spose was absent Sunday due to a headache, an annoying ailment that almost always strikes on Sunday. Fortunately, although her malady persisted, she was able to go to work Monday morning.

The N.E. Glect family have never attended Bible classes, but they profess an eagerness to know more about the Bible and its wonderful message. The Tar Dee family arrived for worship Sunday just after the opening prayer, which was a little earlier than usual. Brother and sister T.V. Gazer and children report seeing a fine family type program last Wednesday evening. Sadly, other saints missed it while attending Bible study.

While such things are not reported in the bulletin, the Lord is well aware of them nonetheless. They must be answered for at the judgment. If your name appears above, please do some soul searching concerning your spiritual condition."

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward