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The Choice

It was late in the afternoon and cold, the windows of the bus were fogged by the hot breath of the weary miners. Half of the fathers in the village worked in the coal mine outside the small Irish village and made their way home each day on the company bus to a waiting family and a hot meal. The roads were slick with ice. It was one of those times that you dare not put on your brakes or turn sharply for danger of skidding off the road. There was a solid rock wall on the left and a shear cliff on the left to the quarry below.

The driver carefully guided his precious cargo down the narrow incline. Suddenly, as they came around a curve and approached the village, through the dim light the men could see the form of a small boy sitting in the middle of the road, playing in the snow, back turned to the approaching bus. An eerie hush descended on the bus as the men realized the impact of the situation. In just a few split seconds the driver was forced to make a decision no man ever wants to make. To attempt to stop suddenly, or swerve, meant certain death for half the fathers and husbands in the small village. To continue on meant certain death to the oblivious boy ahead. In those few seconds he must decide. The boy? Or the men? With tears in his eyes he made his decision. The men awaited the impact.

he driver was the first one out of the bus and ran back to pick up the lifeless body of his own son, whom he had hit with the bus. How can one describe or even imagine the anguish that man experienced that day as he chose to sacrifice his own son to save the lives of those men?

I think that if I had been driving that bus my decision may have been different; those men and the families in that village may not have fared so well. Likewise, if I had been God, we all might not have the opportunity for salvation. Let's be thankful that God did not spare His own son in securing for us the deliverance that we so desperately need.

This is a true story that occurred in the village of a friend of Jay Herndon who preaches in California.

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward