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The Body Works Together

Perhaps you've heard how the different parts of the body got together to determine who would be the boss. 

The brain said, "Since I already coordinate every function of the body I am the logical choice to be boss." The heart objected, saying, "Without my pumping blood throughout the body, no one would be able to function, so I should be the boss." The mouth said, "I speak for the body. I should be boss." One by one each member of the body gave his reason as to why he should be boss.

Finally the neck spoke up and said that he should be boss. "You!" said the brain. "Why you? You don't do anything to begin with." "Yeah," said the heart. "We wouldn't even miss you if you weren't here. There is no reason for you to be boss." All of this made the neck very mad. He became very tense. His muscles knotted up and he began to exert excruciating pain. So intense was the pain that the brain couldn't think. The eyes became blurry and couldn't see very well. And the heart had to work so hard that it became tired and began to skip a beat every now and then. After a week of this, all the parts of the body agreed that the neck could be boss.

The moral of the story? You don't have to be a brain, or have a heart to be boss. All you have to do is be a pain in the neck! 

Some people really believe that. The Bible would teach that in the church Jesus is the head, the boss and all the members are equal. However, we sometimes find ourselves in the same situation as the apostles when there were arguing over who was the greatest in the kingdom. Why not take the time to check out I Cor. 12 and Rom. 12 sometime to find out how the members of the body of Christ are supposed to act!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward