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The Bible Is Full of Mistakes

Some people fail to acknowledge the above written fact about the Bible. Some people deny that there are any mistakes in it at all. Others simply choose to ignore this obvious fact. Make no mistake, our Bibles are filled with them. From Genesis to Revelation, there's hardly a book that is without an abundance of mistakes. Here is a brief list of five mistakes in the first half of the book of Genesis alone:.

    1. Genesis 3:6-13- Adam and Eve made the mistake of disobeying God.
    2. Genesis 4:1-15 — Cain made the mistake of offering an unacceptable sacrifice to God and then made the mistake of killing his brother in jealousy.
    3. Genesis 6:1-8 - the world made the mistake of thinking God didn't care how they conducted themselves.
    4. Genesis 18:9-15 — Sarah made the mistake of laughing at what God said ; was possible.
    5. Genesis 18:16ff - Sodom and Gomorrah made the mistake of abandoning all that is right and pure.

There are still sixty-five books left in the Bible with more mistakes than we could possibly list. Perhaps, now that this has been cleared up, the next time someone says to you, "The Bible is full 'of mistakes," you can then reply, "I know it is!" Just be sure to explain to them what you REALLY mean by that! Perhaps these examples will help us in the future. Someone once said, "A fool learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others!"

Taken from an article by Jason Hart

submitted by:
Dan  Gulley
Smithville church of Christ