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Thank You for Tomorrow

He was just a little fellow. His mother had died when he was just a baby. And his father, trying to be both a mommy and daddy, had planned a picnic for the two of them. The little boy had never been on a picnic and there was great excitement in the house as he looked forward to that day. Plans were made, the lunch prepared, and then it was time to go to bed so they could leave early the next day.

But the little fellow, as you might guess, could not go to sleep. He tossed and turned in excitement, thinking about tomorrow. Finally, he jumped out of bed and ran into the room where his father had already gone to sleep. As the little boy shook him, his father's eyes slowly opened. "What are you doing up?" asked the father. "I can't sleep," replied the boy.

"Why?" the father asked.

"Daddy, I'm excited about tomorrow!" The father replied, "Well, I'm sure you're excited, but if you don't get back in bed and get some sleep, it won't be a great day tomorrow. So now, why don't you run back to your room, get into bed, and get a good night's sleep?"

So the boy trudged off down the hall, got into bed, and before long, sleep came — to the father, that is. Presently, Dad felt those tiny little hands pushing and shoving him once again. But before angry words could slip out of his mouth, he saw in the eyes of his son the absence of a mother — long gone — and the loneliness of a child too long left alone. And he felt the slender arms about his neck, and he heard the little boy whisper in his ear, "Daddy, I just want to thank you for tomorrow!"

And the father pulled the little boy into bed and they both fell fast asleep. Fathers, take the TIME to be with your children. Don't waste your time and
your money by buying them things they don't want or need. What they need is for you to give them time and something to look forward to tomorrow!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward