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Take this little test with your mate. Insert your spouse's name in the blank and  answer the questions as you think your spouse sees you. (Copy this sheet if possible or keep your answers on a separate sheet.) 

    Does  __________  think you:
    1. are considerate of others' feelings? Yes No
    2. allow money or things to spoil human relationships? Yes No
    3. share how much you need him/her? Yes No
    4. read enough on the subject of husband/wife relations? Yes No
    5. spend too much time on the computer? Yes No
    6. talk excessively? Yes No
    7. do not share enough of your inner feelings? Yes No
    8. use words/phrases that are too easily misunderstood? Yes No
    9. have an overly critical attitude? Yes No
    10. have too much tendency to speak for other person? Yes No
    11. have a tendency to interrupt another person? Yes No
    12. use too many words that belittle others? Yes No
    13. change the subject when it gets too uncomfortable for you? Or that you won't even bring it up? Yes No
    14. nag too often? Yes No
    15. have trouble looking others in the eye? Yes No
    16. choose "peace" over sharing honest feelings? Yes No
    17. make too many excuses? Yes No
    18. clam up too often? Yes No
    19. watch too much TV? Yes No
    20. read too much when home? Yes No
    21. are "off somewhere" (daydreaming) when he/she is talking to you? Yes No
    22. are sensitive when he/she is discouraged, troubled, hurt? Yes No
    23. am complimentary often enough? Yes No
    24. criticize him/her too often? Yes No
    25. are sarcastic too often? Yes No
    26. honestly try to see another person's point of view? Yes No
    27. honestly enjoy listening to another's point of view? Yes No

-From "What Every Family Needs,” Carl Brecheen and Paul Faulkner

"...dwell with them according to knowledge, giving nonour...as being heirs together of
the grace of life, that your Prayers be not hindered" -1 Peter 3:7