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Suggestions for Leading Prayer in Public Worship

Whoever engages in the leading of a public prayer has a weighty responsibility on his shoulders. His prayer must be the prayer of all those whom he is endeavoring to lead into the presence of God if there is to be meaning and fellowship during this phase of the worship. Following are some suggestions for efficient, worshipful leading in public prayer.

*  Make Some Preparation. The man who leads should normally be given some time to think about it. He might even jot down some things, and the names of some persons for whom he should like to lead God's people in prayer.

*  Speak Audibly and Clearly. Obviously, those present cannot pray with their leader unless he prays loudly and clearly enough to be heard and understood. The use of the public address (PA) system for assisted hearing greatly helps.

*  Address the Prayer to God, the Father. Do not speak of Him, but to Him.

*  Make it a Reasonable Length. Not too long is just as important as not too short.

* Avoid Vain Repetitions. Some phrases have been used with such regularity among us that they have become meaningless. Use freshness of thought and language.

* Refrain From Personal References to Your Own Life and Situation. Do your private praying in private. *

* Refrain From Preaching to God or Man.

* Pray in Jesus' Name, Not in "Thy Name" When Praying to God.

* Be Sincere and Natural.

'Hear my prayer, 0 LORD Give ear to my supplications! In thy faithfulness answer me, And in thy righteousness" -Psalm 143:1

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Vol. 8/April 24, 2003
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