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So...You Want to Be Miserable

Few seek misery, but many people find it. Just in case you are satisfied and content with life and would like to walk on the wild side, here's a good guide to misery:

Expect everyone to take care of your needs. Everyone - family, friends, and church – owes you something. Since no one can take care of you completely, tell them when they fail.

Compare yourself with others. The trouble with keeping up with the Joneses is that the Joneses never stop. We envy and strive to possess the cars others have, live in homes beyond our means or wish we could play the piano like Van Cliburn or sing like a bird. Yet, God gives you talent to use that is easily buried under mounds of self-pity. The only thing left to do is to attend your own pity party.

Live for tomorrow. Make a note of the day you will be happy. "I'll be happy when I get out of school, get a job, get a promotion, or retire." To the one who waits, neither tomorrow nor joy arrives.

Spend time complaining about your lot in life. Life is unfair, so let everyone know about it. Soon, you will drive away acquaintances, friends, family and church. Then you will be able to complain that no one cares.

From a prison cell, Paul reminded the Philippians that he had learned in all circumstances to be content. The secret is not difficult.

• Solve your problems by helping others. No one can be miserable who brings a smile to another.

•Use you talents. You are unique and God made you what you are, not what someone else is.

•Put each day to bed at night. Yesterday has left and tomorrow never arrives. Enjoy the day that God gave you.

•Be thankful. Life is unfair. You will experience trouble. However, God's blessings far outweigh life's disappointments. No one can be miserable and grateful at the same time.

Happiness is not in life's breaks. It is a decision made with each new sunrise. Remember Paul's command; "Rejoice, and again I say, rejoice!"

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward