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The week of July 8-12 we will be conducting a work week called the Smithville Work Camp. The object of the camp is to perform minor repair/beautification projects for people in and around Smithville who are unable to afford them. Examples of some of the things we are looking to do are: building handicapped ramps, minor carpentry jobs, electrical & plumbing, cleaning gutters, dusting, vacuuming, yard work, etc.

We want to give the first opportunity to fill out and submit an application for this project to the members of the Smithville Church of Christ. There are application packets in the back. After a couple of weeks we will ask for recommendations from the members of family or friends they know that would benefit from this project. If we do not get enough applicants through this process, we will advertise in the media for more applicants.

What can you do to help that week? Well, we will need volunteers, especially handy handymen. We are asking for a commitment of at least one day from as many members as possible. We are expecting some of the members from the Gregg Ave. congregation from Florence, SC to hopefully take part in the week. We will need people to help feed the workers each day. Also, we will need people to make phone calls and run errands. These are just a few of the jobs that will need to be filled. We will give more details as the time approaches. Meanwhile, be making plans to be a part of what could be a very promising outreach program for the church here.

The past fifth Sunday contribution is to be divided between this work and our jail ministry. Our goal is to provide ALL labor and materials free of charge to the homeowners who meet the qualifications on the application. If you were not able to give or would like to give more, please see Tim or one of the elders.

The past 14 years we have participated in foreign and domestic mission projects ranging from Mexico, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arizona. It is past time that we made a concentrated effort to Smithville and DeKalb County. Please pray for the success of this work! See Galatians 6:10.

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward