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Sincere Response

    A businessman took a flight across the country. After the plane reached cruising altitude and leveled off, the flight attendants began serving everyone a meal. As the man picked up his fork to eat his salad, he noticed a big black roach just beneath a lettuce leaf. Disgusted and infuriated, he didn't wait to return home to write a scathing letter of complaint; he used the hotel stationary where he stayed during his trip. In fact, that same night he unloaded his fury in writing to the president of the airline and dropped it in the mail early the next morning.

    Upon his return home at the end of the week, he was surprised to find a special delivery letter awaiting him. It was perfectly typed on sophisticated letterhead of the airline — and from the president himself. It dripped with diplomacy. Apologetically, the president assured the executive that immediate action was being taken. "I have temporarily pulled that particular aircraft off the line. We will strip the upholstery from all the seats and remove the carpet off the floor. New fabric has been ordered. It will not return to service until everything is in perfect condition." He continued, "The flight attendant who served you your meal has been reprimanded. Her job, I can assure you, is in jeopardy. You have my word that such an embarrassing incident will never occur again. We hope you will continue to fly our airline"... signed by the president.

    Well! The businessman was impressed. That's more like it, he thought. However he noticed something unusual. Quite by accident, the secretary who had typed the president's letter had inadvertently included the businessman's complaint in the same envelope. As the man looked over his original letter, he noticed that a note at the bottom had been written to the secretary in the president's own handwriting. Obviously penned in a hurry, it read, "Send this guy the standard roach letter."

    So often we reply to people who have very real problems with our "standard roach letter." We're just too busy to care or to think about how response affects others. Check out what Paul says we should do in Ephesians 4:32.

    For His Cause,
    Tim Woodward