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Raised by Christians - Sold To The Devil

Experts tell us that more than 40 million children in America are raised without any religious training. Unless they are reached by the Gospel of Christ, what chance do they have? How many of these are in schools where our children attend? It is sad to think that so many American families ignore the Creator and fail to worship Him who has blessed us with this great country we live in. We have silently stood by over the past several years and watched as the morality of our nation has deteriorated. Sadder than this, however, is the number of families who claim to be Christians, and yet, lose their children to the same type lifestyle as those totally untaught. They sometimes wonder why it happens. Consider the following:

    1. Parents are early to the ball game, but late to worship assemblies.
    2. Parents oversee the children's homework, but never check on their Bible class lessons.
    3. Children can't stay up late on school nights, but can stay up as late as desired on Saturday, even though they will be tired and sleepy and get nothing from their Bible class the next day.
    4. Parents will not let children miss school when they don't want to go, but will let them miss Bible class if they just don't want to go.
    5. Parents know the names of their public school teachers, but don't know who the child's Bible class teacher is.
    6. Parents will volunteer to help in the classroom or be active in PTO, but will not take part in helping with Bible class.
    7. Parents will attend the school's open house but will not come to VBS.
    8. Parents will not take a vacation if the children will miss any school, but will not hesitate about taking vacations during gospel meetings, VBS, mission trips.
    9. Children see parents go to work even when they don't feel well, but use the same circumstances to miss services.
    10. Children hear parents brag on their school grades and encourage them to do better because their future depends on it, but hear few words encouraging them to be more like Jesus and practice Christian principles, and hear many words of criticism of the church and its members.

With such situations prevailing in homes, what priorities are being established in the hearts of your children? No wonder so many young people take a materialistic view and later drop that which is of less concern to them, the church. It is the very thing which they have been taught. If the church is to thrive, if Christian families are to thrive, if godliness in America is to thrive, the upcoming generation must be taught by their parents the proper values in the proper order — GOD FIRST....EVERYTHING ELSE AFTER THAT!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward