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A devout Christian, who had a cat, used to spend several minutes each day at prayer and meditation in his bedroom. He would read a portion of scripture and a devotional book, followed by a period of silent meditation and prayer. As time went on his prayers became longer and more intense.

He came to cherish this quiet time in his bedroom but his cat came to like it too. She would cozy up to him, purr loudly and rub her furry body against him. This interrupted the man's prayer time, so he put a collar around the cat's neck and tied her to the bedpost whenever he wanted to be undisturbed while at prayer. This didn't seem to upset the cat and it meant that the man could meditate without interruption.

Over the years, the daughter of this devout Christian had noted how much his devotional time had meant to him. When she began to establish some routines and patterns with her own family, she decided she would do as her father had done. Dutifully, she too, tied her cat to the bedpost and then proceeded to her devotions. But time moved faster in her generation and she couldn't spend as much time at prayer as did her father.

The day came when her son grew up and wanted to make sure that he preserved some of the family traditions which had meant so much to his mother and his grandfather. But the pace of life had quickened all the more and there simply was no time for such elaborate devotional proceedings. So he eliminated the time for meditation, Bible reading and prayer. But in order to carry on the religious tradition, each day while he was dressing he tied the cat to the bedpost.

Just because your parents, grandparents, or even your spouse is faithful in their devotional time doesn't mean that your priorities are where they should be. Do you spend some much needed time each day reading and praying? Don't just tie the cat to the bedpost and go on your merry way. Make it a priority! Matt. 6:33.

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward