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Beginning about two months ago I spent some time prepping my lawn mowers, weed eaters, edger, tractor and tillers for the upcoming season. I checked and change oil, checked hydraulics, sharpened blades, greased fittings, etc.

Following all of that preparation, I had to prepare the ground for my 2 gardens. I turned the ground and later came back and fertilized and tilled it. I pulled weeds out of flower beds and made sure everything was ready and on schedule for the upcoming season. Each of these things might not seem like much but it marks the start of a busy season. Each one is important. They are preparations for planting a garden, for a great stand of grass, and for great looking flower beds (well, at least I hope so). I must spend some time preparing for the upcoming season if I want it to be a good one.

As I think back on these preparations I began to think about the church. We also have seasons to our work much like a garden. We just completed a workday here at the building in which a great number of people got the grounds and building in top notch condition. As we approach the end of spring and the beginning of summer we are preparing for vacations, which mean that we make arrangements to worship with the saints when out of town and remember the financial obligation to the church back home. We have VBS and trips planned to Alabama, Arizona and South Carolina coming up. Details and logistics have to be worked out.

Also, we need to make preparations for evangelism for the remainder of the year. There are various opportunities provided for us to invite people to worship services and the many fellowship activities. Our attendance as well as our contribution has been up for the year. But we can still do better. We should strive to average over 210 for Bible class on Sunday morning, 280 for worship services, 200 for Sunday evening and 180 for Wednesday night. I know our budget is $5,758.82 each week, but could we average $6,000.00 for the remainder of the year? Together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish! I am confident that God has some amazing things in store for us!

One last thing I want to ask of you. Every day I want you to pray for this church. Pray for the elders, the deacons, for the preachers, the teachers and for every single member. Then I want you to pray for the growth and well-being of this great church. Pray that God will bless our work here and help us accomplish great things in His name!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward