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Plan “A” Still Works

In India there is a Bible Institute run by Dr. Samuel Thomas — a modern day hero of the Christian faith. Each year this Bible Institute has a commencement ceremony where students who have fmished their studies are together for one final time before leaving this institute as graduates.

What is so profound is that the climax of this commencement ceremony is the time when the entire graduation class rises and repeats words very similar to these: Today, I stand as a dead man I declare that in Jesus Christ, I am saved by His blood, and thus I am dead to sin, and no longer dead in my sin. Today, I stand and declare that I surrender my will and my life to His will and his life. I shall go where he sends me, without asking questions. I shall go to whomever He sends me, without seeking fame. I shall preach to everyone, even if they hate me. I am an ambassador of the Cross, and must deliver the message. I shall pour my life out to reach my family, my friends, my neighbors, and my city. I embrace the shame of the Cross, and I fear nothing but God. I welcome suffering, shame, persecution, beatings, imprisonment and death, but I will not be silenced. If I am killed, I pray that my blood should be a harvest for souls. This is my city. I dare not do less. Following graduation, each student is given three, and only three items. 1. A new Bible 2. A new Bicycle 3. A one-way train ticket to their field of service. They have no PLAN B, and neither should we.

What, if any, changes do you need to make in your life to make sure that your priorities match that of our Savior? The Great Commission that Jesus gave in Matthew 28:18-20 is the only plan we have to reach those who are lost. Let's stick with Plan A!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward