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Our Young People

A lot has been said lately about education. Everybody seems to want the best education possible for their child/children. Yet, no one seems to agree as to exactly what that is, how much it should cost or how we should pay for it. Do you ever listen to other parents? Most of them are quick to tell you that their child deserves the very best there is and they plan for them to have it, no matter what sacrifices they have to make.

How many times have you heard a proud father talk about getting up at 4 a.m. and driving 50 miles to take the young ones fishing, or about the subfreezing hunting trip? You know it is good fellowship — quality time —makes a man or woman (depending on the sex) out of them. Fathers used to take all the blame, or credit, for the tremendous interest young people have in sports. However, if you think this is still the case, then you have not been to any kind of sporting event lately where the crowd cheering the teams and heckling the umpires often have a distinctly feminine voice.

Do you want to make a mother, father or grandparent smile? Just ask them about their little ones. How's the team doing? Which school did they get a scholarship to? Wasn't that your child I saw in the band?

We all want the very best for our young people. No expense is too great, no hour is too early to get up, and no distance is too great to travel. Practice for sports, band, ball games, school play, club functions all take time, but it is time well spent. What if we have to give up something? Isn't it worth it? By the way, we missed your child in Bible Class Sunday.  We look forward to parents and grandparents taking as much interest in seeing that their child/grandchild is as involved in mission trips, devotionals,  service projects, Lads To Leaders, VBS, Bibles Classes, etc. etc. It would be a blessing to your child/grandchild as well as the entire congregation for them to be as involved in church activities and they are school activities this coming year!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward