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Only One “T” In “Dirty”

I read about a fellow who was converted to Christ. He was not too well educated and his manner was somewhat rough and crude. But he was- running over with enthusiasm to be of some service to his Savior. So, he asked the preacher for something to do.

The preacher gave him a list of ten names with this explanation: "These men are all members of the church, but they seldom attend the services. Some of them are prominent men of the city. Contact them any way you wish. Here is some church stationary you may use if you wish to write them letters. Get these men back in church if you can!

The new convert accepted the challenge with rugged determination. About two weeks later a letter came to the church from a prominent person in the city — his name had been on that list. Inside the letter the preacher found a $2,500 check and this note:

"Dear Preacher: Enclosed is my check for $2,500 to make up for my missing contribution for the past several weeks. I'm sorry for missing worship, but be assured that I'll be present this Lord's Day and every Lord's Day following. I won't miss worship again if I can help it. Sincerely, Dr. Jones. P.S. Would you please tell your secretary that there is only one 't' in 'dirty' and no 'c' in 'skunk?'"

There are plenty of people in Smithville and Dekalb County who are members of the church here but no longer attend. It is our responsibility to contact them and encourage them to come back. Perhaps with a little more tact and kindness that the man above. Homecoming is just 2 weeks away. Let's see how many members we have present on Sunday, Oct. 7!!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward