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Now Hear This

The First time I ever flew on a plane I listened to every single thing the flight attendant had to say. I listened the second time I was on a plane. I listened the third time I was on a plane. Somewhere around the fourth or fifth time I basically stopped listening to what the flight attendant said when I was on a plane.

Now the situation is much like this: I am usually a part of a group (of which I am responsible for) who has rushed to get to the airport, let everybody out at the terminal, find a parking spot, get luggage checked, get to the right gate, board the plane, and breathe a sign of relief. I know the speech

Put your seats in the upright position with fold out tables secured. All carry on luggage should be in the overhead compartments or under the seat in front of you. Please give your attention to the flight attendant in front of you. Buckle your seat belts like this and release them like this. Two fingers on each hand point to the exits in the front, the wing, and the rear of the plane. In case of cabin depressurization, oxygen masks will fall and you should put them on like this with the elastic behind your head and the mask over your mouth and nose (where else would you put an oxygen mask?). If we should crash in water, your seat may be used as a flotation device (that's a little scary, since most of the time we're supposed to be flying over land).

There is one God. Have no other gods before you. Obey His commands. Believe with all your heart. Repent or perish. Be baptized. Trust and obey. Love your enemies. Pray without ceasing. Give as you have prospered. Be holy. Be faithful.

Yeah, yeah, I know. We've heard all that before. Let's get on with it.

Do you wonder why people panic when planes get into trouble? Do you wonder why people yell for God when things go bad?

They stopped listening to the speech. When was the last time you listened?

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward