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Dear Mother and Dad,

I know you will never see this. I wish so much you were both alive so I could tell you about the great debt I owe you. I have been writing articles about the decision parents must make about whether to take children to worship when there are no classes or special activities for them. These articles have, for obvious reasons, reminded me of what the both of you did in raising Barbara, Jerry, Dot and me. I just wanted to thank you for what you did.

How well I remember those days at West Huntsville in that white frame building. I can never forget those Sunday mornings when we divided into classes and went to the four comers of that one room building. I don't remember any lessons, but I know that what I am today was shaped at those times.

I do remember Sunday nights. You have long forgotten that special, little tan notebook you bought me and encouraged me to just write down any verses the preacher mentioned. You might be surprised that I still have it, but it is one of my great treasures. I don't remember any sermons (but those preachers became my herae4-but you taught me -the importance of listening in  worship such a remarkable way.

I especially remember Wednesday nights. There were no children's classes, so we all sat together in the auditorium. (Who could forget that pot-belly stove?) I don't remember any specific lessons anyone taught, but I do remember how intensely you and all the people studied the Bible. I probably didn't even understand what you were discussing, but you, by your very actions, created in me a longing for truth. You talked about it on the way home, and unknowingly, molded my life. I am today what I am because of what you have done. Thank you for taking me to worship even when there was nothing special for me.

Palm Beach Lakes, Florida

"Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ ... bring them up in the nurture  and adonition of the Lord"

-1 Corinthians 11:1; Ephesians  6:4b