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Not By My Vote

Men will fmd ways to obtain strong drink, and men will sell liquor but not by my vote!

Liquor may continue to flow on like a river, forever; and men, women and innocent children will continue to suffer from its many effects, but not by my vote!

Legalized bars may open in our city, increasing the amount of liquor consumed, hereby producing additional alcoholics, increased crime, and more law enforcement problems, but not by my vote!

Alcohol victims may fill our jails, skid row and mental institutions, but not by my vote! 

Marriage vows may be broken, divorces may multiply, homes may be destroyed, and childrens' problems may greatly increase, but not by my vote!

The government may license the beer, wine, moonshine and whiskey dealers and be deceived into thinking a few tax dollars justify the enslavement of the innocent, and bargain away public health and moral principles, but not by my vote!

The liquor traffic may corrupt the social and political life of the nation, it may worm its way into all business, and even into the sacred precincts of the home and church, but of by my vote!

The bells may toll the death knell of a human being slain by beverage alcohol every five minutes of the day, but not by my vote!

"Choose you this day whom ye will serve..." (Joshua 24:15)

Note: I don't know the original author of the preceding article. I wish I did. I agree with him 100%!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward