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No Pill Available

A man once went to a specialist concerning a problem he was having. It seemed that each time he bent over his face turned red. The doctor gave him a thorough examination looking for the problem but he found nothing. Finally, the patient was shocked when the doctor told him, "Just stop bending over."

This, too often, is not what we want to hear. We want a pill that will fix our problems and let us continue to do what we want to do. Too often people say to the doctor, "Doctor, I have this nagging cough. I want you to give me a pill for it." The doctor says, "Just stop smoking." Or one says, "I wake up with this terrible hang over. Can you give me a pill for it?" He says, "Stop drinking alcohol." He or she may say to the doctor, "I have this reoccurring social disease. Can you prescribe something?" "Yes, stop being promiscuous." Maybe the most common problem hits all of us to some degree. "Doctor, my weight just keeps going up. Have you a pill I can take?" Just stop eating so much of the wrong things and exercise more." A few do have medical problems, though.

We realize this in other things. If you're allergic to poison ivy or oak you stay away from it. If you find you are allergic to certain foods you stop eating them. Janet, my wife, became deathly sick from eating shrimp once. Guess what? She's never eaten them again.

Jesus came into a world that wanted a sugar-coated pill for its ills. Fix our cities, our homes, heal us, give us bread and our freedom but leave our religion alone, they said. Jesus said, "You must repent." "You must be born again." "You must love God and one another." Then, as well as now, the masses say, "Anything but that." There is no pill available for selfishness, hate, envy and vengeance. We must rather change our behavior by changing our hearts.

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward