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New Year’s Resolutions - 2012

Tragically, New Year resolutions are on the "out list. " Only 2% will make serious 2012 resolutions. Of course, reality can account for much of this. We make them only to break them. Resolutions have lost their punch. Since today is January 1, I started to this article, "Now that we've broken all our resolutions for 2012..." Some are still holding on though.

What's the number one resolution? To lose weight. Yet we get bigger and bigger. Still, decisions must be made; resolutions have to be made before changes can be made. Success begins with a goal. Dreams can become reality.

    1. Don't make little resolutions. This is especially true in church. You cannot accomplish great things unless you think big! Big plans stir men's bones. Don't ask a little — ask a lot. Resolutions must be significant, meaningful, life-changing. Make resolutions that can challenge and change your life!
    2. Be serious about your resolutions. If they are treated as a "joke" they will becomes a joke. Jokes do not change lives. Resolutions are a serious business. Sometimes they can make or break our lives, save or condemn our souls.
    3. Tell someone. Go public. Lay your reputation on the line. Seek their help. We may dismiss our failures but others will not. They will hold us accountable. Enlist the help of family and friends to help you achieve your goal. KEEP YOUR RESOLUTIONS !

Actually, our problem may not be keeping our resolutions. Our problem is making them.  Try keeping these resolutions in 2012. I will

    ...be faithful in attendance at all services.
    ...faithfully give each week as I have been prospered.
    ...read the Bible daily.
    ...pray daily.
    ...do my fair share at the Smithville Church of Christ!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward