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Growing up in Cave City, KY we spent quite a bit of time at Mammoth Cave National Park. Whenever friends or family came to visit they wanted to go to Mammoth Cave, so off we went. One particular Saturday my Aunt and Uncle and their family called and asked if we wanted to go to the park for a picnic lunch and to walk some of the trails. Well, we packed our lunch and headed out.

When it came time to eat, we sat down and begin to get out our baloney sandwiches and potato chips. Little did we know that my aunt had prepared a feast? She was a good cook and had, no doubt, worked very hard getting the food ready for the picnic. She had fried chicken, baked beans, potato salad, homemade biscuits, sliced tomatoes, pickles, olives, celery, and two chocolate pies to top it off. That's what they spread out as we sat staring at our baloney sandwiches. After it was all spread out, she said, "Why don't you join us? There's plenty of chicken and plenty of pie and plenty of everything. And we just love baloney sandwiches. Let's just put it all together."

It dawned on me later in life that God was telling me that very same thing. "Why don't you take what you have and what you are, and I will take what I have and what I am, and we'll share it together?" I began to see that when I put what I had and what I am and hope to be with what He is, I had stumbled upon the bargain of a lifetime.

I get to thinking sometimes, thinking of me sharing with God. When I think of how little I bring, and how much He brings and invites me to share, I know that I am getting the better end of the deal. But, nevertheless, he stills says, "Let's just put it together. Besides, I like baloney!"

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward