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Attendance at worship last Sunday was a mite poorly. I don't reckon I ought to grumble though. I should just be grateful that I was able to go myself.  There seemed to have been some sort of epidemic going around as I had a bunch of folks out sick. And when you add all of my shut-ins to that list, well, we just didn't have too many pew fillers. I went ahead and preached anyway to what few were there. Only thing was that the echo in the nearempty building hurt my ears something awful.

My wife said I should get out after worship and ride around awhile and get some fresh air to clear my head. It made me feel real good inside. What I saw made me rejoice for I saw miracle after miracle!

Old Hezekiah, who had been deathly sick that morning, roused up enough to go riding down the road with his fishing poles in the back. Nothing but a miracle could have rescued Hezekiah from the jaws of death in such a short time.

Now there's Rufe's brother. Rufe told me Sunday morning his brother's back was in such foul shape that they were afraid that he was going to need an operation and that he needed to sit with him instead of coming to worship. Well, we remembered him in our prayer. Don't never underestimate the power of prayer. Don't you know that at two o'clock there he was at the driving range hitting golf balls. If that wasn't a miracle I don't know what is.

Hezekiah's pa, who don't attend worship "cause he can't stand crowds," had gone to the football game. Sister Nell's mama, who can't come on account of her kidneys, stood in line for two hours to get into the picture show. Yes sir, it sure thrilled my heart to see what I saw!

All told, about 20 of our sick folks had roused up and was taking some form of nourishment in one way or another. But, what really made me happy was to see so many of our shut-ins out riding around and enjoying the day.

I ought to have a packed house next Sunday with all my sick folks being healed and my shut-ins set free. I just pray that they don't overdo themselves and have a relapse before next Sunday.

I gotta go now and play with my smallest young 'un. He is gonna be a farmer and I'm gonna be his goat. Tin cans will be easy to eat after what I have swallowed!

Tim Woodward
Smithville church of Christ