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Miracle of the Ages

Gospel preachers have often (rightly) noted that the "age of miracles" is over. Those miracles served as divine credentials to certify and authenticate Heaven-sent messengers and the Heaven-sent message (Hebrews 2:4; 2 Corinthians 12:12; Mark 16:19-20). Once certified, neither they nor the message need any further proof. But while the age of miracles is long past, the Miracle of the Ages goes on and on! A beautiful poem (entitled Miracles [The New Speakers' Sourcebook, p2591 by Lena Traas reminds us Jesus is alive and at large and still working in people's lives:

The age of miracles is past,  - I hear the skeptic say;
How little does he understand  - Christ's miracles today.
His great and marvelous works go on.  - How do I know, my friend?
He wrought His miracles in me,  - His wonders never end.
Did Jesus make the blind to see?  - My sight He has restored.
He caused the dumb to speak you say?  - My lips now praise the Lord.
He also made the deaf to hear?  - But my ears, too, were sealed.
I could not hear His gentle voice ' - Til by love He healed.
He passed through crowds and was not seen?  - Each day He walks with me
Through busy streets and thoroughfares,  - And none but I can see.
He healed all manner of disease?  - With them I had my part;
He cured my tin-sick soul, you see,  - And healed my broken heart.
Did Peter walk upon the sea?  - When I'm cast down with care
He takes my hand - my spirit soars -  - And 0, 1 walk on air.
No miracles today, you say?  - How wrong you are, my friend,
For what the Lord has done for me  - All human works transcend.
Yes - these are miracles to me -  - All blessings from above.
But, 0, the greatest one of all -  - The wonder of His love.

The age of miracles is past. But Jesus Christ is the miracle of the ages! Hebrews 13:8 reminds us that insofar as His Person, power, and promises and commands He is still the same: yesterday, today, and forever! Why not trust and obey His word and allow Him to work in your life today?

Dan Gulley
Smithville church of Christ