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Measuring the Value of Life

Recently, outside the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington, D.C., the son of a former embassy member lost his life. Walking with his friends, he was confronted by muggers. Apparently, however, his murder could have been averted since the thieves only wanted his jacket. He resisted and fought until one of the agitated criminals slew him. Without benefit of an opened police report, one's imagination awakens. What was so special about that jacket? What made the coat worth a human life to its young, foreign possessorits, age, design, or material? Why did he not just give up the jacket?!

Tragically, mankind has made the same mistake, giving up something so valuable for something less important, since the dawn of his existence.  Adam and Eve gave up their lives for a piece of forbidden fruit (Gen. 3:67).
Lot's wife gave up her life for a single glance back at Sodom (Gen. 19:26).  Korah gave up his life for a run at power (Num. 16:3135).  Achan gave up his life for, among other trifling things, some a "Babylonish garment" and a bit of wealth (Jos. 7:21,25).  Samson gave up his life for relief from the nagging of a wicked, heathen woman (Jd. 16:17,30).  Absalom gave up his life for a seat on a throne (2 Sam. 18:1415).  Ahab gave up his life for a vineyard of grapes (1 Kgs. 21:19; 22:2938).  Haaman gave up his life for a bow from Mordecai and his own foolish pride (Esther 3:2ff, 7:910).  Judas gave up his life for approximately twenty dollars (Zech. 11: 12; Acts 1:18).  Ananias and Sapphira gave up their lives for an infinitesimal percentage of the world's riches (Acts 5:5, 10).  Some Christians give up their lives for brief pleasure (1 Tim. 5:6).

The soul is worth far more than anything of the world with which we might compare it (Mt. 16:26; 1 Jn. 2:1517). So many fritter away their spiritual selves in pursuit of the transient (Luke 12:15). Life is so worthless to many!

Supposedly, two preteen boys came upon a rushing river in which a little rabbit, trapped upon a rock, was about to be swept away by the current. One of the boys, feeling sorry for the hare, jumped in to save it. Swimming against the rapid flow of the water, the boy arrived at the little creature. The fastmoving river grew quicker, and the boy placed the animal in his coat, cradling the bunny and attempting to swim the river onehanded. But, the undertow and rush of the river took him under and drowned him. Wouldbe rescuers pulled him from the water, asking the dead boy's friend and the sole eyewitness why the boy drowned. The friend, brushing tears from his eyes, reached into the coat and pulled out the dead rabbit. He held it up and cried, "My friend gave his life for this!"

If one is lost to materialism, he is spiritually dead. When called before the Judge, will he watch Christ hold up his cars, houses, bank accounts, boats, pleasures, and unforgiven sins and say, "My friend gave his live for this?" May it never be so!