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Making Time for God
When and Where Should Christians Meditate on the Word?

Isaac meditated in a field (Gen. 24: 62, 63).  We can meditate while doing any task that does not require our mental energy (walking, driving, mowing grass, washing dishes, taking a shower).  But, you may ask, how can I find a quiet time and place for meditation.  Be creative!  We find ways to do those things we really want to do.  Mystery writer Rex Stout grew up among books.  His father, John Stout, a school superintendent, had a personal library of 1,126 books.  His mohter, Lucetta, was a constant reader.  She kept a pan of cold water and a washcloth at her elbow, and when one of her nine children approached her while she was reading, she improved on the occasion by washing his face.  She was rarely interrupted!  Let us make a time to study God’s Word, free fromdistractions, everyday.

David meditated upon his bed (Psalms 63:6; cf. Psalms 119: 148).  What do you do when you can’t sleep?  Use this time to think of the recent sermons you have heard or the Scriptures in your recent memory.  Bruno Furst, the memory expert, stored up six languages, thousands of telephone numbers and street addresses, hundreds of poems, dozens of plays, and a score of novels in his momory.  He liked to point out that for a man with an educated memory, being caught on a train ride or a dull weekend visit without anything to read was no problem.  When Furst, whose lecturing involved a lot of tedious bus and train travel, found himself on a long journey without a good book, he remembered one!  He could recline in his seat, close his eyes, and enjoy Goethe, Heine, Thomas Mann, or any of the other authors in his large portable library.

We might not be able to do something that drastic, but we can remember verses and sermon points on which we can meditate during those times when we are caught without anything to read.

“...in his law doth he meditate day and night...” Psalm 1:2