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Losing Our Focus

First of all I want to tell you what a GREAT trip we had to Tuba City, AZ. We got many things accomplished and I was proud of the way each member of the group conducted themselves. They represented themselves, the Smithville Church of Christ and the Tuba City Church of Christ extremely well. There will be a power point presentation of our trip coming up in the near future.

On Thursday, June 14th the group had an opportunity to go to the Grand Canyon. We were only an hour away, so we loaded the vans and headed off. I must tell you, I thought how long will it take to look at this canyon? But, when we got there I was amazed! Simply amazed! We spent most of day in awe of what we were looking at and in the power of God Almighty! If you EVER get the chance to go, GO!

As we were walking around, I wanted to go to a particular scenic view and get some pictures. In order to get to the view, however, you had to go through a souvenir shop (imagine that). When I got to the back door there were a group of people gathered around the outside of the door. I stepped through the doorway to see a squirrel up on some boxes that were overflowing in a garbage can. He disappeared down into the can and after a couple of seconds emerged with an apple in his mouth. There were about 15 people in a small area running over anyone and anything to get a picture of that squirrel with an apple in its mouth.

As I watched this event unfold I couldn't help but laugh as right behind these people was the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and they were focused on a squirrel with an apple in his mouth!

How often are we focused on the little, insignificant things of this world when we should be totally consumed with the blessings, wonders and grace of God! Take a good look at your life and what you are involved in. Are you focused on squirrels or God?

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward